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Women @ work 2022

Women are spearheading the movement for equitable change at work. It’s time to get involved.

Women continue to face significant workplace inequities. Whether you’re a leader of women, an ally to women or considering your own campaign for change, understanding women’s unique challenges can help you develop and implement strategies that make a lasting impact.

Join HR and inclusion professionals, economists, strategists and business owners discussing:

  • Exciting new research related to women at work
  • Generational diversity: demands, connection and growth at work
  • In-depth field research to better understand the role that work plays in people’s lives and communities
  • Fatigue and burnout among your people, plus the strategies needed to support them


Producing Meaningful Change for Women at Work

Shonda Rhimes shares her path to success and discusses strategies for creating a workplace where women can show up authentically and thrive.


Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes

Creator, Producer, Best-selling Author, & CEO of Shondaland

Debbie Dyson

Debbie Dyson

President, National Account Services, ADP