Virtual Networking Event – Beaver County, PA. (06 Jul 2021)

Virtual Networking Event – Beaver County, PA. (06 Jul 2021)

July 6, 1 PM via ZOOM

Get Heard! Get Noticed! Get Leads! (TM)

Hosted by: Shannon Fidler d.b.a Prudential and

by Clare Ascani of Clare Ascani Photography

All registrants will receive an emailed link prior to start time

Thank you for your interest in our events. This event is open to any woman that is an entrepreneur, business professional, or company representative.

This is an informal networking event, open to any businesswoman who would like to increase her business contacts or clients. 

Things to bring: Yourself and a Smile


1:00 pm – Log onto Zoom, join us for the local “chit chat” while others virtually arrive. Premier Member company highlight shared on the screen.

1:10 pm – 60 sec. commercials begin

Please fill in the blanks to create your 60 second commercial.

Hi, my name is (__________),

I help (__________) to (__________) by providing (__________).

What makes (__________) different is (__________).

A little known fact about me is (__________).

1:30 pm – Tell us how you helped a client this week.

1:50 pm – each person gives testimony or referral for someone attending the event

2:10 pm – Event and promotional sale announcements

2:30 pm – WSBA announcements

Please forward your event question to the WSBA Administration Assistant

If you have an interest in becoming a General member ($75/year) or Premier member ($160/year or $15 per month) of WSBA, please contact Debi Arnett, WSBA Regional Director or Lisa Hunt, WSBA Membership Director.