Virtual Networking Event – Beaver County, PA. (02 Mar 2021)

Virtual Networking Event – Beaver County, PA. (02 Mar 2021)

Get Heard! Get Noticed! Get Leads! (TM)

Hosted by: Shannon Fidler d.b.a Prudential and

Co hosted by Clare Ascani of Clare Ascani Photography

Thank you for your interest in our events. This event is open to any woman that is an entrepreneur, business professional, or company representative.

This is an informal networking event, open to any businesswoman who would like to increase her business contacts or clients in the Beaver County area.

Things to bring: Yourself and a Smile


1:00 pm – Log onto Zoom, join us for the local “chit chat” while others virtually arrive. Premier Member company highlight shared on the screen.

1:10 pm – 60 sec. commercials begin

Be prepared to do a 60 second commercial and provide the following information.

– Your goal for participating in the zoom meeting or

– What is a good referral for you or

– Name one product or service they offer that will specifically help small business owners or business professionals.

1:30 pm – each person gives testimony or referral for someone attending the event

1:50 pm – Let us know your current challenge with your business

2:10 pm – Event and promotional sale announcements

2:30 pm – WSBA announcements

Please forward your event question to the WSBA Administration Assistant

If you have an interest in becoming a General member ($75/year) or Premier member ($160/year or $15 per month) of WSBA, please contact Debi Arnett, WSBA Regional Director or Lisa Hunt, Membership Director.

How it works:

One zoom participant has the opportunity to earn COVID 19 DIRECT FUNDING for their business. 

How it works.
– Founder will ask each participant if they would like to commit a min. of $5 to the fund.
It is not mandatory for your to contribute. 
– At the end of the meeting, we will choose a name from all the participants participating.
– The winner will earn 50% of the contributions to use for their business. The other 50% will be put into the scholarship fund, which will provide a membership to any business owner that has a financial need.
– Contribution will be sent via Paypal