You are currently viewing No BS virtual Networking – Washington County (24 Jun 2021)

No BS virtual Networking – Washington County (24 Jun 2021)

You must have a LinkedIn business page to participate in this event.
Your registration will be cancelled if your do not have a LinkedIn business page.
This meeting is limited to 15 participants.
The waiting room will be enabled for cancellations.

45 mins of zoom networking connectivity for the seasoned networker

Hosted by: Susan Miller, Founder of the Women’s Small Business Association

This event offers our most structured agenda for
engaging business connectivity. 

What you will need to participate.

A LinkedIn business page

Commit to 45 mins during your lunch hour

Tell us what problem you are solving with your products or services.
(This will be forwarded to our database to encourage them to connect with you in the zoom call. This will be done for all of those that register no later than 2 days prior to the event)

The link to your most recent post on LinkedIn

We recommend you you sign in 5 mins early, because we will start promptly at 12 PM.
We will not back track in the agenda if you are late. Type in your full name with business name in the name box when you sign in 

12:00 pm – Bring your lunch and Log onto Zoom. In the chat box, type your full name, you company name, and your contact info to schedule a one on one.

12:05 pm – 60 sec. commercials begin. This will be timed. Be sure to time your 60 sec. pitch, because you are subject to be muted if your pitch runs over 60 secs. 

You must provide the following information.

– Your full name and company name

– Your goal for participating in the zoom meeting 

– What is a good referral for you

12:20 pm – The moderator will call on each person. Read to us the most recent customer testimonial.  (1 min. time limit)

12:35 pm – The moderator will call on each person. Name one person you can connect a participant with. (1 min. time limit)

12:40 pm – CALL TO ACTION:

Post the link to your most recent post on LinkedIn. 

Copy & paste all the participant’s links in a word document 

Follow the link to the participant’s post, and make a comment under their post. Participants will be doing the same for you, under your post. Your lack of attention on this call to action will jeopardize how others will support your business in the future. This call to action can be completed quickly before your lunch hour ends.

12:45 pm – Meeting ends. Participants will be rated on their participation. We will post the ratings for each participant in the next meeting. Participants with low ratings maybe subjected to limitations in future events. 

Rating format. 1 point for each one. 9 points max.

– answered all participation questions with your RSVP
– signed in prior to 12 PM
– provided the requested info in the 60 sec commercial 
– provided insight on how you are helping other become successful
– offered at least one contact to one of the participants
– posted your link for the call to action
– Did activities within the 1 min. time frame (60 sec commercial, helping others be successful, provided one contact. 1 point for each activity) 

Please forward your event question to the WSBA Administration Assistant