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Women making history and their traits for success.

Women making history!

If you read about the failures and successes of each woman that made history, you will notice trait similarities among all of them. Reviewing their achievements encourages personal evaluation of ourselves in order to develop the same traits. This can lead to success and potentially develop us into impactful trailblazers.

So what are the traits that make a woman a trailblazer?


People with this trait are not afraid to take risks. Risk is associated with a gamble. With a gamble, there is always a chance that things may not develop the way you planned. To develop this trait, one must understand the need to take a chance and accept that risk. If things do not develop as planned, then one will learn how to improve from their failure. Everyone has an opinion and may even judge others. People with this trait move past the chatter that does not empower them and continue in the direction they are focused on. Fear does not control their decision-making.


Dealing with the unpredictable can cause stress and everyone deals with stress differently. People with this trait understand that everyone deals with stress in their own way. They know the strengths and weaknesses of their team and understand how each of them deals with stress. People with this trait are unwavering by the unpredictable, and accept the challenge to develop solutions.


We always need more knowledge to improve and develop. Gathering knowledge from a diverse group of intellects, who can contribute a mix of skills, knowledge, ideas, and creativity, can lead to positive business outcomes. People with this trait are able to bring together people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, disabilities, religions, sexual backgrounds, and varying levels of professional experience. Bringing together diversity creates a diverse workforce that is essential in encouraging and motivating your team to work together and achieve success.


Having this trait means one is flexible to change. Adaptability opens the mind to new ideas, makes one question the status quo, and helps one embrace future challenges. Those with this trait will develop a plan that encourages change and they will stand strong during the change process.


Developing this trait will help one to tap into their passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Success always comes from passion! Developing this trait will allow one to tap into their resilience in order to see the opportunity versus the limitations.


This is the trait of being persistent and never giving up. Tenacity is the commitment to success because failure is not an option. Developing this trait will strengthen your mindset and enable you to accept rejections. Most leaders possess this trait, because the leader keeps the team going, even when they may want to give up. We can learn from the women that made history! Their achievements did not come quickly and easily. They took the risk to develop change, even when doubters questioned them. They accepted the unpredictable and developed solutions. They developed a new plan caused by failure. They tapped into their passion which was the fuel for their need to succeed. And they surrounded themselves with a diverse team that provided knowledge that they could use in their decision-making. We are not born with these traits. They must be developed. Developing these traits will empower trailblazers for success and enable them to make an impact and possibly history!

Written by Susan Miller – The Serial Entrepreneur
President and Coach with Steer Business Consulting
President of the Women’s Small Business Association